News Update: 01/05/2018

Family Freedom Fund works to revolutionize retirement funding, at the lowest possible cost.  Our Freedom-21 Plans, plus Bonus Personal Reserves, and help from our Sponsors, guarantee a lifetime of high annual returns for young children.  Our new Digital Contract Plans offer help for those of any age, even already retired, who still need more for their retirement.

Our Performance Reserve Fund automatically grows with each new F-21 account without requiring new donations.  We are fine tuning our best member plans, and will be updating this site and adding a few new Beta Testers and Directors in 2018.  Please Contact Us to join our Launch Planning Group or to become a Beta Tester.

You can open an account with a $1,000 or larger deposit and add to it anytime, or start one with a Low Interest, No Credit Check, Freedom-21 Loan that makes your children’s retirements easily affordable. Freedom-21 Plans that pay up to $25,000 per month, and eliminate risk to borrowers and  lenders, will be available for the benefit of every pre-school child for only $7 per month now for each $1,000 per month of retirement income.

Freedom-21 is designed for young children, even babies, who can benefit the most, at the lowest cost, thanks to their long growth period before retirement. These plans are fully paid in 21 years, providng your children a lifetime of security, knowing that a Comfortable Retirement will be ready when they are.

Freedom-21 Plans transform Social Security and employer plans from dreaded uncertainties to nice bonuses for great retirements. Our long term averaging eliminates the risk that a market downturn can compromise or delay retirement, and overcomes the need for low returns near and during retirement.

Freedom-21 Plans start at only $14 per month. That’s just 46 cents per day now for $2,000 monthly for your child’s retirement. Even “spare change” of 92 cents per day can give your child $4,000 every month, plus Guaranteed Annual Increases, throughout 50 or more years of retirement. It also provides a significant Personal Reserve, which can be used as an Estate Benefit, or for any of life’s challenges and opportunities.

We work with community-minded lenders, to secure low-interest Freedom-21 Loans, which improve your credit and provide your children with a lifetime of high-interest earnings.  Personal Reserves and Performance Reserves from Family Freedom Fund and our Sponsors, ensure that payments and earnings are always paid on time.

Yes, you can start with as little as $14 per month. We recommend more because, in the 60 plus years before a young child retires, inflation could seriously reduce their buying power.  The best time to start is now, with as much as possible, while time and historically low-interest rates are on your side.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Why not finish the job with an affordable, retirement that does not depend on government or corporate whims? Your village may include Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents, or Friends, who want to help with a one time or monthly gift for your children’s future.  Sharing F-21 payments with loved ones can keep the cost for each very low.

The latest details on the Freedom-21 plan will be posted in this blog as available. Please watch for an update with “Launch Details” in the title to be sure that you have our public launch info.

Click here for details.

* All accounts and deposits are guaranteed high minimum interest rates and bonuses based on growth of our Performance Reserves.  For best results and/or earlier retirements, F-21 Loans should be started before a child’s first birthday, or should be extended by one year for each birthday if started after age one.

Welcome to

Please browse our site to learn more about our plans to improve the quality of retirement in America.  Our focus is on helping families improve their financial futures and afford comfortable retirements for their children .

Checkout our Freedom 21 Retirement Loan Program for Children.  We will be finalizing the F-21 plan details this year and plan to launch it publically in 2017.  The F-21 plan guaranties a minimum growth of 8% per year, and if we make more, we pay more.  We are on track to pay 17% APR on 2016 deposits on 01/01/2017.

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Site Update

Hello.  In the process of a security and site performance overhaul, we had to delete most user accounts and comments.  We apologize for any inconvenience but felt we needed a more secure platform before going live.

Thank you for your patience.  New and updated plans for jump-starting your children’s retirements will be posted soon.  Please visit often and post your comments and questions.



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Save Now

The Best Time to Prepare is Yesterday
The Worst Time to Prepare is Tomorrow
The Only Real Time to Prepare is Now

Our goal at the Family Freedom Fund is to help as many people as possible enjoy great retirements.  Our biggest struggle is how difficult it often is to convince people to commit to retirement saving and investing NOW. The sad reality of waiting too long, if at all, to start is that most Americans save far less than half of what they need for a comfortable retirement, and many don’t save at all.

The truth is that if you have already waited too long to prepare for retirement, it is too late for easy low-cost solutions for you, but not for your grandchildren, children or younger loved ones. The simple math is that the investment to fully fund a great retirement for a pre-school child is less than 5% of what someone that waits until middle age to prepare will need. In fact, someone starting at age 40 now will have to save more every year for 25 years than a child born now would need to save only once to fully fund a good retirement.

The comparison above was for a child and a different 40 year old starting to save at the same time. If you compare the cost for funding a newborn vs waiting to fund that same individual 40 years later, it is much worse because that newborn will retire 40 years later than the first example when inflation will make the cost of living or retiring many times higher.

By action or omission we either choose to start when our children are very young and it only seems impossible to to save, or to wait until their 40s or later when it actually will be nearly impossible to save the much, much that will be needed then for a healthy retirement. Starting early is the smart and affordable choice.

If you are already over 10, don’t give up. We have creative ideas for making your money work smarter now and for your future.  With our help and economy of scale you can target larger earnings while maintaining the security of diversification. We employ only financial experts with proven track records of beating the markets and the true rate of inflation. Please know that your future will become your NOW sooner than you think and the choices, actions and in-actions you make now control whether the last half of your life will be lived comfortably or with regret.

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I’m going off topic a bit, but not too far… is one of my favorite Edutainment sites.  TED hosts thousands of short videos by proponents of “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  There are videos in many categories including Technology and Science, Business and Finance, Politics, History, Music and the Arts, Psychology, Health and Medicine, Nature, Architecture, Awe Inspiring and more. Maybe, there will be one about Family Freedom Fund and truly affordable retirement. <]:^)

Most TED videos are entertaining and enlightening, all are informative and educational. Many are like the best university lectures, the kind that do not put you to sleep. Back to my focus here, I recently did a search on Ted for “Retirement” and got back 629 results. Given how hard it is for us to focus on something as intangible as our futures, I hope that you will indulge yourself with a few of these entertaining videos to help your subconscious realize that your future will soon be your NOW and the retirement choices we make now determine the quality of the second half of the adult lives of our families.


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Please help Rio.

Rio greets everyone with a smile.
Rio greets everyone with a smile and a wagging tail.
Please Help our Friend Rio.  Jerry’s best friend and our home office mascot, Rio, was hit by a car.  Both her hips were broken. Two legs and her skull were fractured.  Her right eye socket was broken and one side of her face was torn loose.
At your request, Jerry will pay donations:
  • Back to you.
  • Forward to others in need.
  • To start a Family Freedom Fund high return retirement account for a child, grandchild, or for any young loved one of your choice.
  • Click Here to email your preferences to Jerry.
Rio is a sweet friend and deserves to be restored.  We don’t know the total cost yet but estimates are $4,000 to $5,000, with one  near $15,000.  We are asking friends, family and all good souls to help.
Our local Vet stapled Rio’s face on and stabilized her on an IV.  Amazingly, her eyelid still works even after being completely off her face.  Her body seems OK and she is eating and in good spirits.  She still needs to go to Texarkana for hip surgery.
You can send a gift or loan by entering an amount at  Go-Fund-Me and/or FaceBook funding pages, if any, will be listed here.
Thank you very much for your help.
Rio in happier times <|:^) 
Rio greets everyone with a smile.
Rio greets everyone with a smile and wagging tail.
She has soething to say about everything
She has something nice to say about everything
She's always ready for a trek or climb
She’s always ready for a trek, climb, or swim.
A little flood doesn't stop Rio.
A little flood doesn’t stop Rio.
Rio loves all her friends.
Rio shares her joy with all her friends.
Rio after the accident:
Rio, alone, caged on IV,
Rio, on IV, caged and alone.
Her face held on with staples.
Her face held on with staples.

What’s Next?

Top 6 Retirement Ideas on FFF’s ToDo List:

  • Family Freedom Fund Sponsored Retirement Loans: No-Qualification, Up to 21 Year, Budget Friendly, Loans for Families and friends to affordably Sponsor Children’s Retirements.
  • Retirement Millions Lotto: Family and Individual Retirement games for State Lotto’s. First Prize is $25,000 Immediate Family Cash, plus $25,000 per year Additional Family Cash for 20 years, plus $25,000 per month at Retirement for a designated child.
  • BeYourOwnBank Debit/Credit Card: Debit Cards that extend payments for up to two years and pay the Interest to your Retirement Account. Forget 1% to 5% Cash Back Cards, this one can deliver over 20%!
  • Shop and Save: Allows you to shop at on-line and local merchants with a portion of what you spend added to your Retirement Savings.
  • Retirement Home Partnership: Lets you continue living in your home while using your equity for your Retirement.
  • Savings Ambassador Viral Income Plan: Rewards your Retirement Fund as you help others build theirs.

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Quick Silver Fun

Family Freedom Fund Quick Silver Savings

US 2014 1 Troy Oz 99.9% Pure Silver Eagles can be yours Free
Us Silver Eagle
Canadian 99.99% Pure 1 Troy Oz 2014 Gold Maple Leaf Coins can be yours Free.
CN Gold Maple Leaf

We just added a QuickSilver option to our monthly Silver Saver plan.  Quick Silver refunds fees and rewards Savers with additional Free Silver Coins! Existing Silver Savers automatically upgrade to Quick Sliver.

Quick Silver grows your wealth faster with Free Silver coins and other bonuses.  New accounts are also entered in drawings for additional Free Silver. You’re Welcome <]:^)

Quick Silver’s goal is to help Savers build healthy long-term saving habits.  We know you can but too many tell us that they don’t think they can.  We listened and added Quick Silver incentives to prove you can.

Quick Silver also removes risk with our 1st year, no-questions-asked, full refund guarantee.  If you save and store with FFF and decide that saving Silver and Gold is not for you, you can close your account and choose a full refund or have us ship your coins to you at cost.

We’re waiting for Board of Directors approval but when the button below goes live you can sign up to save more with QuickSilver

Hi Yo Silver,  and Away! …

P.S. Check out Refer-A-Friend to share some Quick Silver love with your friends and earn some for you too.

About Us – Save Silver & GoldWork with Us

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Hi-Yo Silver!

Family Freedom Fund is Back!

US 2014 1 Troy Oz 99.9% Pure Silver Eagles can be yours Free
Us Silver Eagle
Canadian 99.99% Pure 1 Troy Oz 2014 Gold Maple Leaf Coins can be yours Free.
CN Gold Maple Leaf

Our new SSD cloud servers are up and running!  We will announce  new and updated programs soon.

Please see About Us for a quick overview of FFF‘s financial assistance and training, Quick Silver for a safe and fun way to save in uncertain times, and our Ambassador page to learn about how you can earn money working from home as an Independent Agent of Family Freedom Fund.

Please excuse our growing pains and consider this site’s content temporary / under construction as we continue to work with our Beta Testers and complete our evolution to 501c3 tax-deductible status.  Please feel free to browse, comment and come back often for news.

Breaking News 07/30/2014 – Free Silver!

Alpha testing of FFF‘s Silver Saver plan is closing and an updated version has re-launched for beta testing as Quick Silver.  The revised program will refund registration and storage fees and… Drum-Roll Please… will multiply your return on consistent savings with Free 99.9+% pure Silver coins.  We put the FREE back in Freedom with Free Registration, Free Storage, and Free Silver, that’s the Family FREEdom Fund way.


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Let’s Fix Social Security

I am not a fan of the “Too Big to Fail” concept but am moved by the fact that retirement is needlessly failing for millions.  Over 64 million Americans depend on Social Security and I think most feel betrayed. Still, a Bail-Out in the usual sense is not a solution.

Everyone loves, and hates, Social Security. The problem is that our politicians and SSA’s management, knowing that Social Security was never designed to be a sufficient retirement plan, Bailed Out decades ago.  In their minds, SS is not designed to be a full retirement plan, so no effort to “fix” it is needed. Millions of Americans retiring into poverty is simply not on their viewscreen.

This one excuse bureaucratically justifies all of the otherwise solvable problems that result in Social Security’s failure as a retirement plan. It would be easy to fix but for the larger problem that Social Security is now a gigantic Politically (Mis)-Managed Bureaucracy.   Politicians use it to buy votes with implied services, most of which are never fulfilled.

The Canada Pension Plan was originally modeled after our Social Security System.  When they realized the plan was flawed and, like ours, would soon fail, they did something our government apparently has never seriously considered.  They fixed it!  It was easy.  They switched to non-government, for profit management tailored and monitored for positive, better than inflation returns.  Their payouts and reserves have grown steadily.

We can afford a much better Financial Security System.  We need only sternly remind OUR government that fiscal responsibility and serving our best interests and priorities is in their best interest.

Investment Results are controlled by three factors:

  1. The Amount Invested.  Increasing the next 2 is easier.;
  2. The Interest Rate of profit.  Below Inflation does not work.;
  3. The Growth Time for Investments.  Time is the most powerful.

Increase Rate and Time (by which I mean save sooner, not retire later), we can reduce the Amount required and still have Much Larger PayoutsPay Less, Get More, Why Not?

– read more

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Saving One Child at a Time